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Recruitment in pharmaceutical science and engineering

SpinUp Search

We are an innovative search firm specialising in sourcing and placing scientific and engineering professionals in the pharmaceutical industry. We pride ourselves on our cutting-edge approach to sourcing and selecting candidates for hard-to-fill roles and competitive markets.
We are experts at filling pharmaceutical science and engineering roles. Working within this well-defined field enables us to put all of our efforts into providing an unmatched, specialised service.

Pharmaceutical Headhunters

Do you have positions that

take forever to fill?​

Did your job adverts fail to attract qualified candidates? Do you have a role that require a unique skill-set?

Do you have an urgent hiring need for a highly technical position?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, our pharmaceutical headhunters can help.

Pharmaceutical Recruiters

Are you tired of receiving irrelevant CVs?

Are you looking to outsource your recruiting to an industry specialist agency?

As former scientists, engineers and managers, we really understand your hiring needs.

We screen each CV manually with an absolute certainty.

Innovative Search

We have constructed a hybrid recruitment model to provide a highly effective yet affordable solution to budget conscious companies.


Our model is based on the contingent business model with retained search features.

Pharmaceutical recruitment UK

Our Vision

Putting our heart to find and place the right people in the right pharmaceutical science and engineering roles.

Striving towards establishing ourselves as a global pharmaceutical micro-niche search firm delivering the highest standards of quality.

Our core values as a recruiter

Our Values

Quality: We don’t compromise on quality. We limit our number of active projects which allows us to use additional time and resources to understand every aspect of the job role to be filled. Due to our educational and professional background, we fully understand your complex hiring needs and the associated challenges; we screen candidates with rigour to find the ideal candidate for you in a short period of time.

Passion: We are enthusiastic about recruiting scientific and engineering professionals. Knowing that exceptional talents who we have helped to place in their dream jobs are now working towards a higher purpose with the ability to save lives gives us a sense of satisfaction.

Creativity: We are not afraid to be creative. That’s why we have developed and implemented an innovative approach to sourcing and selecting highly trained professionals. Innovation is woven into our company's DNA.

Integrity: We practice integrity towards our clients, our partners, our candidates, and our team members. We operate with discretion, honesty, fairness, and respect.

Rigour: We address challenging issues thoroughly and carefully. We have established a mitigation plan to avoid escalations in your recruitment process.


We deliver the best talent to your door with absolute accuracy. We strive to provide you with a straightforward and hassle-free service, and we offer a very generous guarantee, giving you complete peace of mind.
We offer a 6-month free replacement* and pro-rata money back* guarantee.
*T&Cs apply

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