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We build successful partnerships based on mutual vision, trust, and transparency. That is why we are uniquely dedicated to finding top performers for your business. We invest extra time and resources into understanding the scientific or technical background of each position that needs to be filled. Every member of our sourcing team holds a Master of Science/Master of Engineering or Ph.D. and through partnerships with academic advisors we gain an unbeatable insight into each related field. With our extensive industrial experience and partnership approach, we get a clear picture of the knowledge and the skill set your company requires.


Research partnerships between industrial and academic organisations have been on the rise. Pharmaceutical companies outsource research and development to universities, government labs, and highly specialised CROs/CDMOs. An increasing number of academic research groups are focusing on applied research rather than basic research, partly because applied research is preferentially funded.

Here at SpinUp Search, we understand the importance of partnerships with universities. We build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with academic research groups primarily working on pharmaceutical applications.

We offer a special talent acquisition service exclusively to our strategic partners.

SpinUp Search provides an exceptional service for:

  • Pharmaceutical companies

  • Biotechnology companies

  • Pharmaceutical supply companies

  • Research institutions

  • Academic institutions

Pharmaceutical companies research, develop, manufacture, supply and commercialise therapeutic products in a heavily regulated environment.

In the UK alone, tens of thousands of highly qualified scientists, engineers, doctors, pharmacists, IT professionals, marketers, salespersons, and many others are working in the pharmaceutical industry. More than half of pharmaceutical industry workers are in science or engineering related roles.

Products that our clients investigate, develop, manufacture, and commercialise include pharmaceutical products and supplies.

  • Pharmaceutical products

  • Pharmaceutical products can be classified based on the technology used for their production:

    • Small molecule pharmaceuticals: used for therapeutic purposes and generally manufactured through direct chemical processes.

    • Biotechnology products: usually large molecule drugs used for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes and produced in full or in part through biotechnological processes.

  • Pharmaceutical products can also be classified based on whether an instruction written by a medical practitioner (prescription) is needed to have access to a medicine or treatment:

    • Rx drugs: medicines that are available through prescription only.

    • OTC (over the counter) drugs:

  • Pharmaceutical supplies

    • A wide variety of products and services to support pharmaceutical and biotech companies

    • Laboratory products and equipment, machinery, scientific or technical software, etc

SpinUp Search operates exclusively in fields related to pharmaceutical science and engineering, with a focus on highly technical, hard-to-fill roles.

We implement our unique sourcing strategy instead of relying solely on algorithms that perform poorly when applied to sourcing scientists, engineers, and leaders.

Employers in Pharmaceutical Services


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