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Are you a highly educated professional looking to work in a role related to pharmaceutical science and engineering?

If the answer is yes, we would love to hear from you.

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We deliver the best candidate experience

Here at SpinUp Search, we care about our candidates. We are a group of search specialists with a mission to match the right candidates with the right employers.


As pharmaceutical industry experts, we speak your language and we are genuinely interested in your career goals.


We can help you find the right cultural fit and land your dream role.

Here is how we deliver an exceptional candidate experience:

  • We understand and articulate our clients’ employer brand. We are dedicated to matching candidates with companies that share the same vision and values.

  • We take extra time to understand your research/engineering background, experience, and publication record.

  • We don't rely solely on algorithms. We use our own resources to match your qualifications with the most suitable positions.

  • We are pharmaceutical industry experts with relevant professional experience.

  • We stay in touch with all our candidates throughout the entire hiring process and follow-up with them after they have been hired.

  • We are honest in our communication.

  • We give advice on how to prepare for an interview, how to negotiate, and how to turn challenges into opportunities.

  • We charge our clients, we NEVER charge candidates!

Let us help you find your dream role.

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